UNLV climate change talk

Like watching a train wreck, laypeople and scientists alike gathered to hear Mathew Lachniet speak of climatic future.  Titled, The Climate History of the Earth: A View to the Future, Wednesday’s talk was geared toward the layperson, and consisted of an hour-long synopsis of the history, current status, and future of earth’s climate. I initially thought it was going to be more technical, but was surprised when it covered much of the material I am learning in my Global Climate Change class, although I shouldn’t have been. Lachniet was professional, ending the talk at one hour on the dot (although I’m sure he could have gone on for days if he wanted to). Judging by the large turnout, it would seem things are looking up for the layperson’s science curiosity, but it’s hard to say, given the recent popularity of the climate change issue. It’s safe to say the turnout would have likely been less, given the talk were on, oh, say, the mating habits of the three-toed sloth…….yeah, I wouldn’t be there either.


~ by jack, dude on September 18, 2007.

One Response to “UNLV climate change talk”

  1. So is the world coming to an end?

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