Dust bowl down under

Being born in Sydney, my ears naturally perk up any time Australia is mentioned. An article in the latest Seed Magazine titled, “The Climate Crucible,” tells how Australia is being affected by global warming more so than most places, and how the Aussies are attempting to fight it.

It seems the main problem in Australia, other than the heat increase, is the fact that the country has, this year, seen less rain than it has in 100 years, leading to what is being called Australia’s “Big Dry.” The article states increased power prices (due to the closing of water powered generating facilities), water restrictions, and the threat of an agricultural collapse have been largely responsible for the 92 percent of people in favor of measures combating global warming.

Everyone knows it’s too bad we’ve waited this long to do something about climate change, but even now, after all we know about global warming, and all the future predictions, we still wait for things to get a little bit worse before we respond just a little bit more. Stay strong mates while I go drive my car.


~ by jack, dude on September 25, 2007.

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