Science and religion: apples and oranges?

The other day, for a paper, I asked a number of scientists in the UNLV geoscience department whether or not they believe in God, and if they think science and religion can coexist. Most of them claimed they don’t believe in God, but, surprisingly, the general consensus was that science and religion are “apples and oranges,” making the debate irrelevant. In light of the attention the science vs. religion debate has been getting, I guess I expected more radical answers, but, most I talked to aren’t really bothered.

To get the full picture, it’d be great to interview some religious officials, but the assignment was to cover a beat on the geoscience building, and in true journalistic fashion, I didn’t have much time. Anyhow, I just stumbled upon some more Feynman media, this time, a video clip of him addressing his own views on science and religion. Good stuff.


~ by jack, dude on September 28, 2007.

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